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Downeast Community Partners Announces Help For Older Mainer Homeowners

Fri, Jun 7th, 2019

by DCP Staff

Downeast Community Partners (DCP) is excited to announce that they’ve received $50,000 from MaineHousing to help older Mainers and Mainers with disabilities stay in their homes. Aging in Place will help provide high-impact, low-cost minor home repairs to homes in Washington County. DCP is one of ten programs across the state to receive MaineHousing funding to address these critical needs.


“As Mainers, we know that community matters,” said Bobbi Ann Harris, Housing Services Director. “We know when your neighbor needs help, you help your neighbor. Mainers help Mainers – and this program does exactly that.”


Maine is facing housing challenges when it comes to accessible and safe homes for older Mainers and Mainers with disabilities. Local community organizations are getting creative to find local solutions and help these folks stay in their homes – and stay part of Washington County.


Modeled after Comfortably Home which was started at Bath Housing, Downeast Community Partners developed Aging in Place where DCP’s professional maintenance team works with homeowners to repair and modify their homes as people grow older. Improvements include installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, adding handlebars in the shower, raising toilet seat height, and many others.

“As a result of this funding and program, our neighbors are thriving in their own homes and remain part of our community,” says Bobbi Ann Harris, Housing Services Director. “We’re grateful to MaineHousing for providing this funding and we’re excited to continue the tradition of Mainers helping Mainers – with our Yankee ingenuity low-cost and high-impact fixes.”


For more information about Aging in Place, please contact Bobbi Ann Harris at 207-610-5916 or via email at Bobbi.Harris@DowneastCommunityPartners.org.