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Lifespan Opportunities in Washington and Hancock Counties

About Us


In October, 2017 Washington Hancock Community Agency (WHCA) and Child and Family Opportunities (CFO) merged to form Downeast Community Partners (DCP). The two entities formerly operated as two separate local non-profits dedicated to serving the residents of Washington and Hancock counties. Child and Family Opportunities, Inc. (CFO), formed in 1970, and the Washington Hancock Community Agency (WHCA), formed in 1966, have each served the Down East region of Maine, focusing on helping low-income and at-risk residents thrive. Downeast Community Partners now continues this work as the community action program serving Washington and Hancock counties.

DCP is now one stronger entity through the consolidation of administrative services. Offering "life-span opportunities in Washington and Hancock counties" that incorporate all existing programs from each entity and the potential for many new programs, DCP has history and deep roots in the region and will continue to serve local communities well into the future.


Downeast Community Partners' mission is to improve the quality of life and reduce the impact of poverty in Downeast communities.


Downeast Community Partners is a catalyst for improving life in Downeast Maine.



Inclusivity Statement

Downeast Community Partners is committed to improving the quality of life and reducing the impact of poverty in Downeast Communities. We recognize that these communities are made up of people who are diverse and vibrant, and believe that all people are entitled to be treated with dignity and compassion. DCP embraces this diversity and vibrancy. We work each day to help all our employees, those whom we serve, and our community, to envision and achieve all that is possible. This is who we are.

Board of Directors

The role of Downeast Community Partner's Board of Directors to define and meet its overall responsibility by governing the Agency in a manner that is consistent with its mission and responsive to client needs. DCP's board is composed equally of members of the public, private, and elected sectors, and includes people with low incomes.

The Board of Directors meets the last Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m., unless otherwise noted.  Call us at 664-2424 to learn the location of the meeting, as it can vary. The public is welcome to attend. There is no meeting in the month of December. Approved Board meeting minutes are available by clicking on the Forms & Resources tab, then selecting Board Minutes.

Betsy Fitzgerald, President
Walter Kumiega, Vice President
Lisa Veazie, Treasurer
Charley Martin-Berry, Secretary

Martha Beathem
Barbara Clark
Wayne Hanscom
Charles Harrington
John Harris
Ron King
Grant Lee
Nicholas MacDonald
Charles Rudelitch
Dr. Lori Schneiders
Amanda Smith
Savannah Steiger
Ruth Sousa
Jonathan Thomas