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Downeast Community Partners Celebrates Long Time Board Member

Elizabeth is joined by members of the board and DCP staff.
first row: Elizabeth Ehrlenbach second row: Martha Beathem, Walter Kumiega, Betsy Fitzgerald, Mark Green, Melissa Mattes

Tue, Sep 25th, 2018

by DCP Staff

Ellsworth, ME.  On September 25 at a regular meeting of the Downeast Community Partners Board of Directors, Elizabeth Ehrlenbach was celebrated for her service on the board.  Elizabeth has a long history of involvement with Head Start and early childhood education, serving on the board at Child and Family Opportunities for nearly 40 years.  When that organization merged with the Washington Hancock Community Agency, she remained on the newly formed board of the Downeast Community Partners. She has decided to retire from the board, and this was her last meeting.

 DCP Board President Betsy Fitzgerald presented Elizabeth with a commemorative captain’s chair at the surprise celebration, which was attended by Elizabeth’s family, Grant Lee, former executive director of Child and Family Opportunities, and staff and board of Downeast Community Partners.

 Elizabeth was lauded for her dedication to children and early childhood education, especially Head Start, and her high standards in her work on the board by Grant Lee and by Melissa Mattes, Director of Early Childhood Programs at Downeast Community Partners.  Each of them credited her work and advocacy for children and early childhood education with inspiring them to do their best to serve the families of Hancock and Washington counties. Walter Kumiega, Board Vice President, thanked her for the guidance and inspiration she has provided to him over the past twenty plus years of his involvement with Head Start and early childhood education.

 Mark Green, Executive Director at DCP commented on Elizabeth’s 40 years of volunteer service, thanking her for the tremendous contribution she made to the improvement of the organization, and wishing her the very best in her retirement.

 For more information about Downeast Community Partners and the opportunities provided, call Mark Green at 610-5904 or email him at mark.green@downeastcommunitypartners.org.