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Nurse Home Visiting Programs

Maternal and Child Health and Nurse Bridging: visiting programs offering professional nursing services


  • Offers women the comprehensive, one-on-one care of a visiting registered nurse during pregnancy and throughout the baby’s first years of life.
  • Provides invaluable health assessment, education, medical care, emotional support, and information.
  • Helps create a positive pre- and postnatal experience for moms and a healthy start for babies.


While You Are Pregnant Our Visiting Nurses Can Help You With A Variety of Needs.

  • Perform a nursing assessment and provide information that may decrease the chance of your baby being born too early or too small.
  • Answer your questions about labor and delivery.
  • Supply educational materials about nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding, birth control options, infant care, and parenting.
  • Provide health and safety guidance for you and your baby.
  • Direct you to financial help for medical care, needed support services, and other resources.


After Your Baby is Born Our Visiting Nurses Can Offer Additional Assistance.

  • Offer support, understanding, and additional information for new mothers.
  • Check the baby’s and mother’s health.
  • Monitor the baby’s growth and development.
  • Talk about feeding, safety, exercise, and the baby’s behavior.
  • Help arrange referrals when needed.
  • Help with breastfeeding.

 In addition to the above, DCP’s Nurse Bridging Program is a high-intensity home visiting program for high-risk prenatal clients and high-risk/medically complicated infants. Our nurses work closely with the families and take a whole family approach as the wellness of the children is also dependent on the wellness of the care providers.

While the infant is in the hospital, we work with the hospital staff to help make sure that your needs are met and educational criteria for discharge is satisfied. We work closely with the hospital staff and bridge healthcare needs to home to ensure appropriate follow-up care goals are met. Once the infant is discharged home, we continue to meet with the family and frequently assess growth and development, reaching out to medical providers to keep them informed of changes.


To make a referral call us at (207) 610-0740 -or fax a completed referral form to (207)610-5121. Anyone can make a referral: medical provider, social worker, family member, or parents.

A referral form is available at the link below.

For more information about the program, call us at 207-610-0740.

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